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Zapisz Zapisz

Errand Run

Morning y’all!

I didn’t get much accomplished this weekend since Jordan arrived Friday night so I will be spending my Monday running errands! These shoes are actually what inspired this outfit, the tassels get me every single time! Also, OTS tops are everywhere this season & I love that I will be able to dress this one up or down this summer.

I found a pair of cut offs when packing up my clothes a couple weeks ago & totally fell in love so now I’m picking up pairs all over the place! I’m usually a dark denim girl but these were just too cute to resist! This bag is perfect for holding my plethora of junk that I lug around. I don’t know about you but I like being prepared for anything!

I will totally be doing a Target run today. In Tampa, we don’t have any Super Targets downtown so I am taking advantage of the few that I have nearby here in Bloomington. I also have the Mall of America nearby here so I will be stopping by there today as well! It’s so funny the different variety of places that I visit here vs. Tampa. I do a lot more shopping, oops!

Top | Shorts | Shoes {Also available here, here & here} |  Bag 


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