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Happy Mother’s Day!

Morning Y’all!
Growing up, I was a total momma’s girl! I was lucky enough that my mom worked from home since I was a baby so when I wasn’t at school, my mom was always around. Now that I’ve grown up, I have made some pretty awesome memories with my mom. My favorite was helping her get ready for her wedding!
I’ve also been blessed with a really cool step mom! Even though I don’t get to visit often, we always have the best time when I am in town. My dad & step mom live in the country, so I love when we take walks around their property along with their pups & just catch up!
My sister is also a mom! She has blessed me with a niece & nephew so I could not be more thankful. Since we’re about 5 years apart, she always looked out for me. I love going over house whenever I’m home over the summer. I provide the pizza & she provides the pop, we always end up waiting until the kiddos head to bed before pulling out some of our favorite movies.
Jordan’s mom is also the best. She’s always encouraging us to be the best we can & I’m so thankful for that. She also shares my love of shopping so I have a buddy! I could not ask for a better future mother-in-law. I can’t wait to make it official in a couple more years!
As you can see, I have some pretty awesome moms in my life. Thank you to all those momma’s out there making a difference in people’s life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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