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Lounge Wear Favs

Morning y’all!

Being a total homebody, I’m always bummin’ around in my comfies! These are some of the hardest things to shop for because you’re looking for something that you’re ALWAYS comfortable in. Nothing is better than throwing on some jammie pants & curling up with a good book! I rounded up some of my favorites to share with y’all! {BTW the ‘Brunette’ tee is also available in ‘Blonde’ & ‘Redhead’!}

One of my favorite things to do is lather up my feet in a nice moisturizing foot cream & throw on my fuzzy socks & my feet are like brand new the next morning! Its life changing. Also life changing is a good haircut. I don’t color treat my hair so I get haircuts every couple months & I’m way overdue. I’m also due for a mani/pedi. I was super disappointed the last time I got my nails done so I’m going to be checking out a new place in Bloomington. Looks like a pamper day is in my near future! Yay!

Lately, Jordan & I have been cooking a lot more for his family so I’m on the hunt for yummy new recipes that are easy to make. I’m not much of a chef so when we are at school, we usually stick to carryout & super easy things like chicken tenders. I swear if y’all looked at our grocery hauls you would think we were feeding toddlers! Lol

Tropical Lounge Pants | Mantra Sweatshirt | Pattern Leggings | Softey Slides | Purple Fuzzy Socks | Rainbow Pajama Set | Baby Blue Tank | ‘Brunette’ Tee | Stripe Loungers | Stripe Lounge Shorts


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