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Summer Makeup Routine

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Morning y’all!

My friends & family know that I am a total creature of habit. I don’t often update my makeup routine but this year for my birthday, I asked Jordan for a few new products to mix things up in my makeup bag!

I’m actually not a big makeup girl! Living in Florida, I have embraced my natural skin & only wear makeup 1-2 times a week (when I’m not working). It is so common to have high humidity so most of the time I don’t want to worry about makeup melting off my face… Every weekend though, Jordan & I will go out for dinner or a movie so I will throw some makeup on before we head out.

This is my makeup bag in a nutshell:

I LOVE this product! I can build up as little or as much coverage as I want/need & it doesn’t feel heavy or sink into any fine lines that I may have. This is actually one of my birthday gifts from Jordan & I’m so happy that I got it. It is a little on the pricey side but so worth it because a little goes a LONG way!


This product was SO popular a few years ago & I just haven’t found anything that compares. It does not crease on me & just depending on my application {Beauty Blender or brush} I can keep it shear or pack a punch of coverage.

3. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Powder

This powder works really well to mattify & set my foundation & concealer! Its super finely milled so its not heavy at all but does not add coverage at all which exactly what I need during the summer! I also love that it is soo affordable!

I am the first to admit that this product kind of smells funny but it is faint but it blends seamlessly & gives you a sun kissed glow, almost like you spent the day at the beach! {Can’t beat that!} I use this on my eyes in my crease to contour my brow bone & down my nose; Its so versitile! It’s another recommendation from Casey Holmes & another AMAZING drugstore love.

Last month I got my birthday gift from Sephora & I totally fell in love with this blush. It is so natural & obviously the formula is perfection {I love love love Tarte products} so it quickly became a staple in my makeup bag.

My fellow Tampa girl, Jaclyn Hill, collaborated with Becca & totally killed it with this product. It takes your makeup to a whole ‘nother level. I also use this on my eyes in my inner corner & my collarbone/shoulders for a little pop! Whether I got a little sun or am totally pale, this is my HOLY GRAIL highlighter.


7. L’Oreal Paris Black Double Extend Mascara

I only use the priming portion of this product & its seriously amazing! It lengthens my lashes while adding volume as well! I’m totally a lash girl so I pile on two coats of this primer then two coats of my CT mascara & I’m good to go! The best part is L’Oreal is a drug store brand so its super affordable! Yay!

I don’t have much for lashes so this product is a must in order to not look like a naked mole rat. LOL! But seriously, it adds length; it adds volume; all around this mascara is a killer product that can’t be beat! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

This product is such a must have because it is SO versatile! I use it if I want to use my shadow/highlight wet; I use it to set my makeup; I also use it to refresh my makeup! All around, I have been using this product for years & haven’t found anything like it.

I’m not big on brows, I love that I can just throw this on & it makes my brows look thicker & match my very dark hair. I also don’t pluck/wax my brows! (I actually read this tip from an article featuring Cindy Crawford) I let my Gimme Brow do its thing & tame them a bit!


11. Dior Lip Maximizer

One of my fav bloggers ever uses this gloss & now it is my holy grail! I have this in the nude shade as well as the pink & it’s one of the only lip products I’ve used this summer. It is plumping & it’s suppose to have a longer term affect. In any case I love this gloss & is a total must have. Love love love!

12. Brushes

A few years ago, I started using Sigma Brushes {they have a store here in Minnesota} & I haven’t stopped using them since! They are good quality, easy to clean & have LOADS of different options. For foundation though, I use this Real Techniques foundation brush! I found it at Walmart & was super impressed! I love that I can basically find them anywhere! (Walgreens, Target, Ulta) Last but certainly not least, I use my Beauty Blender. This beauty sponge is like no other & I cannot find anything that compares! I recommend the BB above anything else because you can literally use it any way you want! (LOVE)


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